Let our professionals do your laundry for you.   $2.09/lb (20 lb. minimum)

Dread doing laundry? Is your laundry pile preventing you from enjoying life?  Have a bunch of blankets and comforters you want washed? 

Let us do your laundry for you with our professional wash-and-fold services.  You can drop-it off at our laundromat on Evergreen Way or schedule a pickup from Doordash

We have the newest machines in Everett and Mukilteo and use only the best products and offer hypo-allergenic options as well.  Laundry Genius is happy to accommodate your special requests for your special items.

Folding Ironed Clothes


Just leave it on your doorstep.

You get your groceries and meals delivered - why not your laundry?  All you have to do is put it out on your doorstep and we return it to you clean and folded and ready to put away.

Schedule pickup on demand with Doordash