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Open daily from 8AM to 9PM.  Last wash at 7:30PM. Last Dryer Start at 8:15.

Most people dread doing laundry. 

And leaving your home to do it can be an even more miserable experience.

Whether it is the hours spent doing multiple loads in their home laundry machine that is stuck in a closet or out in the garage - or the time spent in dingy, dark and cramped spaces of traditional laundromats or apartment laundry rooms filled with antiquated machines.

Laundry Genius will change your pre-conceived notions of what a laundromat is with 'hassle-free laundry' services.

Our goal is to help you get your laundry done faster with less effort through self-service, drop-off and laundry pickup & delivery services.   

We offer more than 60 brand new Electrolux eco-friendly, smart washers and dryers that are easier on your clothes.  Plus Electrolux washers feature high-spin and high-extraction technology, so you’ll need to spend less time and money on the dryer.

Our first Laundry Genius location is conveniently located on Evergreen Way just south of the Cascade Plaza Shopping Center between Mukilteo and downtown Everett.  

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